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Manage Your Time to Maximize Your Joy


Searching for some practical steps to a smoother, simpler, more organized life? Look no further than this practical guide from author and parenting expert Dr. Magdalena Battles. Packed with personal examples of tried-and-true methods of saving time and maximizing your potential, 10 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Parents will inspire and equip you to take charge of your schedule and transform your life, your home, and your family for the better.


Who of us hasn't wasted time searching for lost items, scrolling social media, nagging our children to do their chores, or wandering the grocery store in search of items we should have put on a list? The regret and stress caused by squandered time is a burden for many families, but it doesn't have to plague yours any longer. With the advice and wisdom of Dr. Battles, you can streamline your schedule, stop wasting precious time, and start seizing every moment with energy and joy.


No matter your age or the age of your children, it isn't too late to take charge of your schedule and set up routines that will save you time--and preserve your sanity!