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This book is a daily guide of short inspirational wisdom, prayers, and mantras to connect you to your soul and essence of your spiritual being. There are 30 days’ worth of readings that only take 2- 3 minutes each to give you peace and an elevated perspective. This is the book you want next to you when you are feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list, triggered by something happening in the world, you get a wave of grief or you are not feeling like you are enough. This guidebook of wisdom is a quick but powerful practice to lift you up out of the world view and your wounds and to plug you directly into a higher spiritual consciousness. These Nuggets of Truth bring you back to your purpose and the light that lives in you. Those that seek to grow personally and have more peace and purpose will love reading this book to keep themselves centered during challenging times. Through making these readings a daily practice, you will live more authentically from your soul’s truth, and create more success and joy in each day.