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Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and see someone you barely recognize? Do you delete nearly every selfie you take because . . . well . . . you're not glowing as you should be these days? Have you tried and failed to change something about your physical appearance? Do you sometimes feel as if you are fighting a losing battle in your quest to look more radiant? If you've answered ''yes'' to at least one of these questions, then join the club!

Clean beauty guru and New York Times best-selling author, Sophie Uliano offers a solution to a never-ending beauty dilemma: how can you look rested and radiant without hours of painful and expensive surgery? How can your skin glow throughout your life, without using harmful chemicals or spending more than you can afford in the dermatologist's office?

In her new book, Gorgeous for Good, Sophie puts forth a revolutionary, holistic program that covers everything from nutrition to self-care to spiritual connection. She reveals which beauty options work the best, and provides well-researched, myth-busting information about commercial and natural beauty products. In her fun, girl-next-door voice, Sophie brings all of this together in an innovative 30-day Gorgeous for Good program, offering readers tools for a body-and-soul beauty regimen that will help them stay gorgeous – not for six months or a year – but for good!

Gorgeous for Good also features:
• Simple guidelines for buying the best skin care products
• Easy beauty treatments you can make at home – for a fraction of the cost!
• Healthy, delicious recipes to kick start the new you
• Different forms of exercise to get spiritually connected

Gorgeous for Good doesn't just look at the outside – it takes you inside – where true beauty begins.