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'We LOVE this book - it's so relaxed and non-prescriptive, yet is packed with properly practical advice. Perfect for our readers!' - The Green Parent magazine 'Managing the Motherload will help anyone - not just mothers - learn simple and powerful ways to get the seemingly endless job of mothering and nurturing adequately done without losing their health, sense of humor, or sanity.'

- Christiane Northrup, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and Goddesses Never Age Let's be real: Motherhood is messy. It can be overwhelming and exhausting. And it can be gratifying and beautiful. In this book, meditation guide, certified birth doula, and mother-of-five Rebekah Borucki shares a practical system to navigate the big and small trials of motherhood- filled with tears, tantrums, and other messes-without any of the guilt, resentment, and burnout. She also teaches you how to celebrate the tiny triumphs and find calm in the chaos. Her system consists of five phases that build upon the wisdom of nature. The tools, stories, and exercises Rebekah offers will support you through almost anything mom life throws your way. She shares deeply personal, heartfelt stories, complete with abundant joy and immeasurable grief, as well as journaling assignments and simple meditations to guide your path toward peace and self-discovery. You'll learn how to prioritize self-care, combat the negative messages from your inner critic, and take care of your body by establishing a sleep routine, healthy diet, meditation practice, and more with ease. You'll finish this book feeling present, grounded, and powerful; and ready to build a life you love with increased focus, less stress, and more energy to manage it all. 'I want you to come away with a feeling of confidence in finding your own way in motherhood... to know how to create a path to fulfilment that can be achieved not in spite of your tremendous responsibility as a mother but in total alignment with it.'