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Have you been on every diet imaginable, yet still feel unhealthy and low on energy? Do you go to the gym religiously—for a couple of weeks at a time?

Do you find yourself trying desperately to focus but unable to keep up with everything going on in your hectic life?

Are you frustrated by a world that seems full of inconsiderate, unpleasant people?

The Pillars of Health will help you build a strong foundation that supports you in every one of these areas.

Health expert John Pierre has spent decades working with clients, including seniors, on building better nutrition, fitness, mental acuity, and compassion. Each one of these components, or "pillars," is necessary for constructing a happy life overflowing with well-being—and best of all, it can be fun! In this book, you’ll discover how to feel your best and have a good time doing it.

Being fit and staying sharp doesn’t have to be a struggle, and the tools John Pierre provides are simple and enjoyable to incorporate in your everyday routine. You’ll discover the "why" behind each principle he presents and learn a variety of techniques that will help you build a strong, joyous life you love!