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Did you know there's an ancient way to help you figure out who you really are? Did you know that this tool can help you to understand the people around you and to establish better relationships?


If you are interested in knowing yourself and unleash your full potential in life and relationships, then keep reading. 

By buying this book you will have the keys to use this powerful tool called "Enneagram".

Enneagram use is quickly becoming a favorite technique of self-discovery. In recent years, it has become widely popular for purposes of personal growth and as a powerful tool for self-development. 

The Enneagram is a simple personality assessment tool that takes the user on an exciting journey of learning, uncovering, and discovering. Other personality tests cannot match this journey. This is because the Enneagram goes much deeper than the average personality assessment. It can provide you with a personalized road map of who you are, who you could become, and what it will take to get you there. 

In this book you will find information on the following main concepts:

- The 9 unique Enneagram personality types 

- How to use Enneagram to uncover your strengths and abilities

- What your dominant Enneagram type is

- How your Enneagram type can impact your behavior 

- Why you think, feel, and act the way that you do

- The 3 Centers of Intelligence 

- Enneagram wings and how they work

- Ways of improving communication through Enneagram 

- Conflict resolution styles and EnneagraM

Even if you have never faced a path of self-awareness and you are not very practical about these issues do not worry. This book will accompany you on this journey simply and effectively. And if maybe you are skeptical about this kind of topic you should consider that the Enneagram is also recognized and used by most psychologists in the world to help their patients outline the salient traits of their personality.

The Enneagram can be many different things to different people. For most, it offers the opportunity for a change in direction and growth. It can provide you with unlimited insight into your personality traits, style, and habit. This book will provide you with enough information to get started. It will help you uncover the unique path that you can take to feel spiritually enlightened and whole again.