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Awaken your spiritual gifts with the healing power of Reiki

Reiki can be a profoundly spiritual avenue for channeling powerful, healing life force energy--it's also unlike any other healing modality. Spiritual Reiki is the guide to deepening your mystical connection, accessing your psychic gifts, and tapping into the mysterious divine to more deeply experience this ancient energy healing practice.

This is the perfect resource for practitioners who seek to heal at the deepest levels. Find direction to help you open up to spiritual experiences and discover your own personal healing abilities. Whether you're looking to connect to a higher realm, hold your vibrational energy longer, or simply tune into your intuitive abilities more deeply, Spiritual Reiki is your manual for this transformative process.

Inside this book you'll find:

  • Third eye open--Learn to grow spiritual abilities like clairvoyance and clairaudience to gain insight into visions, dreams, and other divine communications.
  • Spiritual enhancement--Tips help you integrate other holistic, healing practices like witchcraft, yoga, and crystals with Reiki to deepen your intuitive and psychic abilities.
  • Healing sequences--With 65 different Reiki sequences to promote spiritual awakening and emotional healing, you'll find the right one for any situation.

Learn to access the mystical and spiritual healing life force of Reiki for an even more profound experience.