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Tartamudo’ is one of the latest literary works of author drs. Joe Fortin, totaling 3 publications on his name.

‘Tartamudo’ consists of 12 short stories which blend different levels of reality.

Tartamundo’ is the collection of 12 stories that tell the stories of how the characters lose control of their daily lives and mix reality with fantasy and desire. There is confusion whether the events are real or just a creation of their imagination. While there is a desire of belonging, each time they distance themselves and become solitary creatures with weird and excessive passions.

The stories will send the reader through a maze of doubts without an exit and are intended to confuse and mislead the reader. 

Other books publicized by Joe Fortin are “City store” (2013) and “Canto di lama” (2016). City store is a compilation of short stories, while Canto di lama is a collection of poems and both are available at the library.

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